Project Coordinator

KalanidhiDevkota, Executive Director of Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN)

[Based in MuAN – Kathmandu, Nepal]

KalanidhiDevkotawas with Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) in between 2004-2006 and rejoined in November 2008 as its Executive Director.His work expertise spans from local governance, poverty reduction, urban resource mobilization, public policy and management. He has experiences of having worked at Nepal’s Public Service Commission, Centre for Social Awakening Campaign in Nepalgunj and GIZ/udle’sUrban Poverty Reduction Program. He has represented and moderated at various international forums on issues ranging from inclusive and accountable local governance; clean energy; climate change; localization of disaster preparedness at resilient cities; solid waste management; sustainable development; urban infrastructure financing; and urban planning, among others. He has also coordinated and facilitated policy review teams of all seven provincial committees of Mayors/Deputy Mayors to ensure smooth implementation of 22 exclusive rights of local governments during the transition period into a federal structure of governance in Nepal. He holds a Master Degree in Arts (English & American Literature) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal as well as on Urban Management and Development from Erasmus University in the Netherlands. He underwent his PG Diploma (Public Management and Good Governance) from Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS),Rotterdam in the Netherlands.